Facing Fear The Interviews – 1 Week Access


FACING FEAR – The Interviews features scientists, spiritualists, psychologists, trauma counsellors and other medical professionals; some notable names, but also people you’ve never heard of who have faced real fear and come out the other side much the wiser. Altogether they bring a broad range of perspectives on fear.

The interviewees, in alphabetical order, are:

Tricia Barker, Dr Linda Bender, Milly Diericx, Foster Gamble, Kimberly Carter Gamble, Amanda Guggenheimer, Sister Jenna, Diana Lang, Natalie Ledwell, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Rita Louise, Dr Matt McKay, Dr Laurie Mischley, Lt Col (Rtd) Barney Morris, James Van Praagh, Dr Dean Radin, Dr Lissa Rankin, RevZo (Reverend Zoe Inman), Judith Richards, Michael Sandler, Paul Selig, Dr Richard Schwartz, Dean Sluyter, Peter Smith, Michael Tamura, Raphaelle Tamura, Austyn Wells

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