How much is it and what do I get?

What you get is nearly 24 hours of interviews on fear examining what is it, how does it work, and how can you get on top of it. There are 27 interviewees, each interview runs somewhere between 45mins to over an hour. Each interview is divided into two – the first part is an edited version of the interview Bill Bennett conducted for the film, the second part is an up-to-date Zoom interview discussing fear during the current pandemic.

The cost is US$19 for a one week rental, US$49 for 3 months, or US$129 for a 12 month rental. You have unlimited access and views (streaming) during these rental periods.

Who’s in it?

See the menu heading INTERVIEWEES – but there’s some famous names along with some people you’ve never heard of. Some of these people who’ve faced real fear offer a unique and very relatable perspective. Altogether there’s a broad cross-section of views on fear – examining fear culturally, medically, scientifically and spiritually, always though slanted towards how we can best deal with our fears.

How do I view it?

The interviews are streamed, so if you can stream Netflix you’ll be able to stream FACING FEAR – The Interviews. Once you purchase The Interviews you’ll be directed towards a site that will allow access to your computer or mobile device. If you wish, you can then link to a TV either through a cable or Chromecast or through screen mirroring.

Why isn’t it free?

Much as we’d like to offer FACING FEAR – The Interviews for free, it has cost us a lot of money to have our film crew travel the world to do these interviews, then there’s been post-production costs – and we have obligations to our investors. If we make any profit from The Interviews it has gone towards meeting the cost to complete FACING FEAR – The Movie.

Do I get anything else when I rent The Interviews?

Yes, there’s dozens of free resources that you can access once you rent The Interviews. Many of the interviewees have provided links to free meditations, video tutorials, book chapters, free counselling sessions, and other freebies that come with the purchase of a rental. Check out the RESOURCES page.

How does this differ from the movie?

The difference between FACING FEAR – The Interviews and FACING FEAR – The Movie is that The Interviews is available to stream at home right now. The Movie is finally finished and is screening in cinemas now. Visit the film site for more information on screenings in your area: https://facingfearfilm.com/

The Interviews is a series of talking heads only, and in that sense it’s unstructured narratively and so lacks a point of view. It doesn’t have a story, and it doesn’t extrapolate from the material.

The Movie however has a story, stunning visuals and music and visual effects, and has a distinct point of view. It draws from the material and directs the audience towards various conclusions. As well, Bill Bennett has personalised FACING FEAR – The Movie in the same way he did with his film PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System. To that end, The Movie will not only be informative, it is also an emotional experience.

Also, unlike The Movie that might only feature a particular interviewee for maybe two or three minutes, each interviewee in The Interviews has about 50 minutes of screen time, sometimes more. So there’s a unique opportunity to sit with an expert of your choice for an extended period, and absorb everything he or she has to offer.

The big difference though is The Interviews contains the Zoom interviews that specifically address what has been happening right now with the pandemic. It discusses how to manage fear during these challenging times.

Who’s behind this?

The filmmakers are Bill Bennett and his partner, Jennifer Cluff. Together they have been making quality feature films and documentaries for nearly forty years. Bill has won numerous awards, both in his home country of Australia and internationally. His films have screened at the world’s most prestigious film festivals, including Official Selection at the Cannes Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, and the Toronto Film Festival. A recent film that Bill made on intuition, PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System, screened to great acclaim throughout the US in 2018.

Bill Bennett’s full bio is at: www.billbennett.com.au

Tell me more about Bill Bennett’s film on intuition.

Bill’s film on intuition, PGS – Intuition is your Personal Guidance System, has received the highest accolades. Legendary medical intuitive Caroline Myss called it “superb,” world renowned neuroscientist Dr Norm Shealy called it a “masterpiece,” Michael Sandler from Inspire Nation said it was “a more important film than The Secret.” Many have publicly stated that it’s the finest film ever made on intuition. Facing Fear is a companion film to PGS, and Bill plans to make a third film as well – The Veil, which explores what happens to you once you die. You can watch PGS here – www.pgsthemovie.com

Do these interviews provide medical advice?

No, The Interviews does not provide medical advice, and if you’re suffering from a medical condition you should consult a physician or medical professional. See our Terms of Use.

Is The Interviews available in different languages?

At the moment it’s only available in English, but if there’s sufficient demand for other languages we’ll respond.

How can I support your work?

If you wish to support Bill and Jennifer’s work on fear – either this particular resource or Bill’s partly completed film Facing Fear, please contact the office at – [email protected]